Finding the Horse that is Right for You

Great Blog from Charles Wilhelm.


Trotting HorseThere are many things to consider when you decide to buy a horse. There is a lot involved in owning a horse. You need to know what you may expect from horse ownership and the many responsibilities that go along with ownership. You need to know about nutrition, medical, dental and hoof care, but the first thing to think about is that a horse will always be a horse. They do not come from the factory gentle and programmed ready to ride. Horses are born with certain natural behaviors which include striking, rearing, bucking, biting and kicking. These behaviors are part of the herd mentality. What we must do is civilize the horse and to do this we must know how to communicate, train and ride the horse properly. As owners and riders, we have the responsibility to learn as much as we can about the nature of a horse…

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