Arena Geography – Preparation for Excellent Scores

Arena Geography  – Preparation for Excellent Scores

by Dr. Mike Guerini, Ph.D. (

As we prepare to compete, one part of our planning is to look over the arena geography so that we can make a solid plan for where we need to be riding our horse.  For Dressage tests, movements are performed at exact locations in the arena.  For other events, we need to plan our movement or action based on where certain markers are located.  These handy printouts (HERE) can help you plan your ride.  I have designed PDF files that you can print out and draw on to plan and prepare your ride.


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So next time you are getting ready to show…take a few moments and plan your ride.

Click on the link HERE for my website to retrieve PDF printouts of different Dressage and Show pen arenas that you can use to plan your rides and improve your scores.

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