Four Ways To Drive Your Riding Coach Crazy

By: Dr. Mike Guerini (

We are going to take a moment to step away from my educational or thought provoking blogs to have a little bit of fun.  We all like some fun.  Have you ever wondered what you might be able to do to test the patience of your riding coach?  Maybe have your riding instructor pull his or her hair, cry, or grimace.  Come on — you know you have thought about it.

1) Each time he tells you to go left — you choose to go right.

2) You stop in the middle of the lesson and ask your riding coach to loan you $5 dollars because you found this really awesome bargain on some music and need to purchase it right after the lesson.

3) You ask your riding coach to critique your dating profile or better yet — see if he can set you up with the trainer at the barn down the road.

4) You show up to your riding lesson wearing pajamas and tell your coach “I am so exhausted after each lesson I just want to make sure I am ready for bed once I get home.”

Just having some fun here my friends.  Maybe you have some thoughts on how you might drive your riding coach crazy — please share … life is always better with a bit of humor.


Dr. Mike Guerini is a clinician, author of multiple Horsemanship books, co-inventor of the Equine Hydro-T and specializes in western performance based instruction and you can learn more about Dr. Mike and his 6 C’s of Horsemanship at Dun Movin Ranch is also home to the Equine Hydro-T (


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