October 2013 Riding Challenge Exercise

By: Dr. Mike Guerini (www.dunmovinranch.com)

I thought I would start of October 2013 and share with you one of the Exercises from my Dr. Mike’s Horsemanship Riding Exercises ebook (available for all eReaders and from my website in pdf format).  Of course you can change things up a bit so take a few minutes and work with your horse through this exercise…I look forward to hearing your comments on how you and your horse succeed in complete this task.  Inserted here is a pattern and then the directions.



1)Walk to cone #1.

2)Walk ½ way over (1/2 way means front legs of horse are on one side and back legs are on other side of the log (log = ground pole)) log #1 and side pass complete length of log both ways and then return to the center.

3) Trot over log #2 and trot ½ way over log #3.

4) Over log #3, side pass complete distance of the log both directions and then return to center.

5) Walk to cone #2.  Begin figure 8’s using cone #2 and cone #3 as guides. Walk 2 figure 8’s, trot 3 figure 8’s, walk 1 figure 8, then lope two figure 8’s with simple lead changes.

6) Stop at cone #3 and then walk straight to cone #4.

For added work — perform step 7 —

7) Back 4 steps and then spiral down at the walk going right, then spiral back out and change directions and spiral down to the cone again and stop.

Spacing –

1)Cone one #1 to #2 is 20 feet.

2)Logs are spaced 5 feet apart.

3)Cone #2 to #3 is spaced 28 feet apart

4)   Cone #3 to #4 is 10 feet apart.

 Share your thoughts on how this worked out for you and your horse.


Dr. Mike Guerini is a clinician, author of multiple Horsemanship books, co-inventor of the Equine Hydro-T and specializes in western performance based instruction and you can learn more about Dr. Mike and his 6 C’s of Horsemanship at http://www.dunmovinranch.com. Dun Movin Ranch is also home to the Equine Hydro-T (www.hydrot.com).


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